Laodaohe racing circuit (+Assetto Corsa)

Ho Ting Changsha Sawau River Racing Circuit 长沙捞刀河赛道 from the early design to the late construction, are the exclusive investment in the development of Hao Ting Racing, and follow the international F3 level standards, the construction of a standard track length of 2.4 km, to host the mainstream domestic mainstream car race . The project integrates automotive, sports and leisure and entertainment and is an automotive theme park with an advanced concept, a dynamic and experiential vehicle in Central China.

Changsha Laodaohe Speedway is located in Laodaohe Village, Kaifu District, Second Ring Road, Changsha City. It is 24 km from Huanghua International Airport, 14.8 km from Changsha South Railway Station and 7 km from Changsha Railway Station. The traffic is very convenient. Window of the World, Orange Island, etc. Famous scenic spot can be reached in ten minutes. Covers an area of 158.5 square kilometers.

  • Track length: 2.75 km
  • Track width: 10-12m
  • The longest straight line distance: 800 meters
  • Curved: 14 corners (8 left 6 right)

real video lap , Cadillac ATS and Civic SI


Track dont fit fast powerfull sport cars. Only 2 straights, other are 1st-2nd gear corners. It will better fit street cars like 86, BRZ, Legacy. Or small cup cars like Fiat 500 etc.

Last corner before start-finish line is tricky. Theoreticaly you can go very fast there, bur on the exit surface if the track is bumpy and you can easily loose control and hit one of thw walls.

Download Laodaohe racing circuit for Assetto Corsa by Polycode

Taisan Porsche 911 GT300

Changsha Laodaohe on Google maps

Changsha Laodaohe on Baidu maps (chinese)


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