JLOC Lamborhini Countach JGTC500 1994 – Assetto Corsa

JLOC Countach JGTC 1994 assetto corsa

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I am glad to share with you our new made, that you probably already seen in the video in this post. One more puzzle to complete our JGTC mod collection. Hope you will like it.

Here’s one of rarest, and most unique race car to ever race in the JGTC field, and the very first Lamborghini to compete in the Japanese Championship (as well the first JLOC car to appear there, but under the name of Terai Engineering, deriving from Teruaki Terai, JLOC member at the time). Terai Teruaki is one of the members of JLOC (Japan Lamborghini Owner’s Club), and has always wanted to put Lamborghini on the track to compete.

In 1993, Terai acquired a burnt-out Countach and planned to enter the All Japan GT Championship starting the following year with Masahiko Mearashi, who was also the editor-in-chief of a car magazine at the time and was also a JLOC member. It was planned to reinforce the burnt chassis and mount a one-piece plastic body.

By the spring of 1994, the machine had not yet been completed. Naturally, JLOC had no choice but to miss Round 1 at Fuji. However, the news of Countach’s participation attracted attention, and the organizers repeatedly requested that they want Fuji to appear.

Therefore, Mouran invited Satoshi Ikezawa 池沢さとしを, a well-known manga artist and racing driver, and succeeded in getting the machine provided by Art Sports. On the other hand, Terai also acquired famous racing driver Takao Wada and Rain X sponsor.

A normal Countach was provided by Art Sports. Even if the luxurious interior was stripped off by force, it was too heavy to race.

The car basically retained the same spec of its road/street mode, such as engine output, clutch, transmission, differential, etc. However, you can see (obviously) some aero modifications comparing with the road-going model. The car is known, also, for being one of last entries for the JGTC in 1994, almost losing their participation in the first race at Fuji Speedway

How it performed? As you can imagine, in a championship were the Skyline GT-R has factory support and a Group C was allowed to race against proper grand touring cars, it was obvious that the stock-ish Lambo Countach was off the pace, the best result in that season was a melancholic 8th place

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