Circuito de la Sierra (original ๐ŸŽฎ track)

Circuito de la Sierra andalusia GT6

Circuito de la Sierra andalusia GT6
Circuito de la Sierra is a course for Gran Turismo 6. It is set in the Andalucia region of Spain, near the Ronda photo travel location. It is one of the longest courses in the series, at 27 km long.

Circuito de la Sierra andalusia GT6This track has ~ 80 corners. And it’s harder to make it quick then lap in Green Hell, as i think

This is mainly a high speed circuit, with many straights and many high speed corners, with some low-medium speed corners. A car that possesses high top speed and good acceleration, with good handling at medium-high speeds is a good choice for this track. Be careful at turn 36, because it contains a jump and a right corner, almost at the same time.

Circuito de la Sierra in real
real capture of how does the landscape of Sierra looks like

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  1. Hello, how can I download this track?

    1. Author

      Hello. this track is for Gran Turismo 6 only

  2. Bonjour,
    y aurait il une conversion pour Assetto Corsa de la Sierra?

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