Lada Poch Samara T3 Dakar Porsche for Assetto Corsa VIP mod

Lada Poch Samara T3 Dakar Porsche for Assetto Corsa VIP mod

Dear subscribers, here I present to you – Lada “Poch” Samara T3 1990. Really cool car from Dakar. Originated in USSR, made by French, Powered by Porsche. Hell of a ride for sure.

The history behind this car you can read in previous post on our Patreon. I only tell you, that as a big fan of classic Porsches, I could not pass by this car.

Ver 1.0 Features:

Working wiper/rainFX. Drivers animation
Exterior AO
Working turning lights
Gravel tyres only
Weight/power matched with real car data specs
2 historic liveries. 2 more will be later, probably
CSP required!!! 3D model is Encrypted.
Lacks: no animated suspension

DOWNLOAD from our Patreon

3D model was originally made for rendering only, so it had tones of polys. It took the time to make the model as suit as possible for Assetto Corsa. And now it works just fine. Reasonably big folder size because of the model and 4K resolution skins in it.

Read full history of the Dakar Samara here

Have a good ride! ^_^

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