Egger-Lohner-Porsche C2 Phaeton 1898 for Assetto Corsa

lohner porsche assetto corsa 1898

G’day, mates!

This time we go with true history car. Small breath out between Group C. I know, it’s not for racing, but to have a little fun. I remember playing Gran Turismo, it was even 3-wheel Benz. So, it’s Porsche.

It was 1898 when fully electric car made 70 km one one battery. Just think about it. In the beginning of 2000 it was about 200-300 km range, but this Egger-Lohner C2 Phaeton was made in the end of 19 century more then 100 years ago! And genius Doctor Ferdinand Porsche was that one who made it possible.

lohner porsche assetto corsa 1898

Moreover, it was 6 gear car! + 2 gear for rear drive. (only one gear rear drive for sim) Can you just imagine it in 1898 ?!

Egger-Lohner electric drive vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model, Also known as the “P1”. was showed to public in 1898. In September 1899, at the international motor vehicle exhibition in Berlin, Germany, in a race for electric vehicles over a distance of 40 km was run as a test to the performance of all electric vehicles.

lohner porsche assetto corsa 1898

The route provided significant challenges with gradients and the rules demanded the course to be run with three passengers on board. Ferdinand Porsche running at speeds as high as 35 km/h crossed the finish line in the new Porsche “P1” 18 minutes ahead of the next competitor.

Can read more about it here


If you like this idea of old timer cars, can also make Lohner-Porsche 1900 – first ever built AWD full electric car.

Lohner Porsche 1900 assetto corsa

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