Lada Poch Samara T3 Dakar Porsche for Assetto Corsa VIP mod

Dear subscribers, here I present to you – Lada “Poch” Samara T3 1990. Really cool car from Dakar. Originated in USSR, made by French, Powered by Porsche. Hell of a ride for sure. The history behind this car you can read in previous post on our Patreon. I only tell you, that as a big fan of classic Porsches, I could not pass by this car. Ver 1.0 Features: Working wiper/rainFX. Drivers animationExterior AOWorking turning lightsGravel tyres onlyWeight/power matched with real car data specs2 historic liveries. 2 more will be later, probablyCSP required!!! 3D model is Encrypted.Lacks: no animated suspension DOWNLOAD from our Patreon 3DRead More →