Silverstone – Stowe circuit for Assetto Corsa

silverstone stowe circuit assetto corsa download

The Stowe configuration is located on the infield of Silverstone. It’s a short but quite demanding lap, ideal to test your new cars. Stowe is easy to memorize but hard to perfect, and due to the close quarter nature of the venue it provides for spectacular action. You’ll be surprised how often you end up coming back here for just one more lap.

The track is made from scratch by GTSUPREME.COM. Original Kunos background was used

Home for Nissan Gran Turismo Academy.

Featured car: Formula Silverstone.

Length: 1.6 km

Download Stowe circuit for Assetto Corsa via google drive (click) made from zero by GTSUPREME

+ download new UI and Map by Fanapryde

+ cameras here

+ new (!) 3D grass by  Safi Hellie

Donate via PayPal for futher development if you are interested in this track. Thank you.


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  1. I believe you posted the wrong track in the link

      1. Author

        Yes, but its far from necessary – track map. never used it . how do you like the track?

  2. Hey Tony, nice of you to mention my small input, but you did not add it to the track download. The UI says p2p / ExeQt0r and the map shows a touge track… 😉

    1. Author

      G-day mate! Yes, i did not updated zip of track, added your work for download as separate file

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