Initial D touges to Assetto Corsa (updated mar.2021)

Great touges from great anime – Initial D

Here i collected all tracks from legendary Initian D manga/anime, available for Assetta Corsa. Most of them are free for download, few of them a paid (link to original author). They worth it, especially Irohazaka combining big circle road with super tiny downhill and speedy uphill.

Mount Haruna (榛名山 Haruna-san) is a dormant stratovolcano in Takasaki, Gunma.

Haruna appears under the name Akina (秋名). Akina pass, as referred to by the characters, is actually Jomo-Sanzan Panorama Highway according to Google Maps. Bunta Fujiwara holds the fastest downhill record at Mt.Akina and was the original best driver before his son. It is here that, Takumi Fujiwara delivers tofu everyday to a hotel uphill, using his Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86). It is also where Takumi won his first few races and the home course for the racing team called the Akina SpeedStars which Takumi eventually became a member of. Due to his great victories, unbeatable track records and his downhill driving technique using an AE86 against much more powerful vehicles, Takumi and the AE86 gain popularity which is referred as ‘Akina’s 86’. The Akina pass is also famous for its five consecutive hairpin turns.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Akina for Assetto Corsa (uphill+downhill dry+wet)

for wet version need install mods: wet mode, Rain APPgbw suite



Download Akina mntn (oct. 2020 version) from Initial D arcade stage. This mod should replace the IDAS8 Akina 2.0 version (used as an update)

Mount Akagi (赤城山 Akagi-yama) is a mountain in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Mount Akagi, along with Myogi and Akina, is one of the “Three Mountains of Jōmō” (上毛三山), and the cold north winds down from it are called Akagi-oroshi (赤城おろし) or Karakkaze (空っ風).

In Initial D, Akagi serves as the home course of the Akagi RedSuns. Akagi is where the battle between Takumi and the Kyoichi was held which resulted in Takumi blowing up his AE86’s engine in Second Stage. Kyoichi later attempted to beat his past rival Ryosuke’s in the same place, but was unsuccessful after Ryosuke managed to overtake him on the last corner. Keisuke’s impromptu battle with Wataru (Turbo Levin) is also held here.

Real Life Road (google) ⇔

Download Akagi for Assetto Corsa

Mount Myōgi (妙義山 Myōgi-san) is one of the major mountains in the Gunma Prefecture, Japan, located west of Tomioka. It is well known for its rocks weathered into fantastic forms. This famous peak is ranked among Japan’s three most noted places of rugged beauty. There are many hiking courses, and when the foliage changes color there are splendid views to be seen.

Mount Myōgi, along with Mount Akagi and Mount Haruna (Akina), is one of the “Three Mountains of Jōmō”. (Jōmō is an old name for Gunma.)

Mount Myōgi is the home course of the racing team called the Myogi NightKids.

One weakness for drivers on Myogi is that it is a more straight course so cars like the Suzuki Cappuccino and the Mazda MX-5 will fall behind (that is if its not modified/modded lightly)

R32, Red Civic SirII EG6

Real Life Road (google) ⇔

Download Myogi for Assetto Corsa

Usui is a mountain pass that lies between Nagano and Gunma Prefectures in Japan. It has served as one of the major transportation routes in central Japan since at least the eighth century. It was featured in numerous Initial D episodes as the home course of Impact Blue. It is also the home course of the real life drift racer Keiichi Tsuchiya.

The pass is perhaps famous for the consecutive arc bridges that lie on the outside of the pass.

Real Life Road (google) ⇔


Download Usui short for Assetto Corsa

Iroha Slope (いろは坂) or Irohazaka is the home course of Team Emperor, it is located in Nikko, Tochigi, east of Lake Chuzenji.

Irohazaka (いろは坂) is a pair of winding roads that connect the lower elevations near central Nikko to the higher elevations of the mountainous Okunikko region. “Iroha” are the first three of 48 syllables of the formerly used Japanese alphabet (which is now known as “aiueo”), and “zaka” means “slope” – the Irohazaka Winding Roads were so named because together they consist of 48 hairpin turns.

The first half course (the downhill) has a rhythm of straight-hairpin-straight-hairpin-straight, while the second half (the uphill, not used in the series) has more circular turns, ignoring the straights.

This course is also where Ken Kogashiwa taught his son Kai how to jump at the shortcuts in the 33rd corner (the 13th downhill hairpin), and later the 36th through 39th (16th through 19th downhill corners).

Evo team, blue MR2 SW20

Real Life Road (google) ⇔

Download Irohazaka (free) downhill for Assetto Corsa

Full version of Irohazaka with Downhill and Uphill (two coarses) on authors page

Happogahara (八方ヶ原) is the home course of Todo Juku. It is located in Nasushiobara, Tochigi. This is where Takumi battles professional driver Tomoyuki in Fourth Stage.

Happogahara actually is a flat national park in Yaita City, Tochigi Perfecture. It’s deep in the mountains surrounded beautiful forest and different kinds of flower and plants. This place is also owned some of the best waterfalls, and best sky view in Japan.

Route 56, is the only touge that connects and go through the entire Happogahara forest, so this road is also called Happogahara. (It does not have specified name). Because it’s so deep in the mountain that you don’t even have phone signals, the traffic amount is really low. Therefore this touge has been taken over by drifters very fast since it built.

This touge literally contains almost if not all, every kind of course situations. From very narrow to very wide, 180 big turns, tight hairpins and blind corners, flat and steep elevations.
The environment characteristics make the touge so special that getting a lot of attentions, even it made on Initial D Forth Stage as the home course of Toudo School.

Real life road (google) ⇔

Get full version of Happogahara track on authors page

Tsuchisaka is the Saitama Lan Evo Duo’s home course. It is located far west of Sadamine; and far northwest of Shomaru, Hanno; stretching between Kanna and Nishi Chichibu of the Gunma and Saitama prefectures.

This course is perhaps famous for the oil spill, courtesy of the Saitama Lan Evo Team, at the start of Outbound Section 2 and near the end of Inbound Section 3.

The Lan Evo drivers tried to use this oil spill to their advantage, but it was only good to wreck Keisuke’s car during a practice session, forcing him to borrow Kyoko’s car for the race.

The Evo V driver, Aikawa, attempted the same tactic to lure Keisuke into the oil spill early, but to no avail as Keisuke barely missed the slick while the Evo V’s engine started to stall before the race could finish because of a barricade narrowing the road later in the race.

This also became Ichijo’s tactic to defeat Takumi: Disable the 86 by making it slip and crash. It would also prove to be his undoing as Takumi used the oil spill to his advantage as passed the Evo VI man in a matter of seconds.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Tsuchisaka toge track for Assetto Corsa

Shomaru pass (正丸峠 Shomaru tōge) is the home course of Wataru Akiyama, located in Hanno, Saitama, south of Sadamine. It is perhaps well known for the Okumura Teahouse (奥村茶屋 Okumura Chaya), a place where the characters gather before the race.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Shomaru for Assetto Corsa

tsubaki line map download

The Tsubaki Line (椿ライン, Tsubaki Rain) is the home course of Sidewinder. It is located in Yugawara, Kanagawa, near the Toyo Tires Turnpike. The uphill battle (between Go Hojo and Keisuke Takahashi) and the downhill battle (between Takumi Fujiwara and Shinji Inui) happened here.

The top of the pass houses the Daikanzan Observation Deck, which connects the Tsubaki Line and the Toyo Tires Turnpike. It is also where Project D mechanics gather and tune the cars before their final battles start.

In game Assetto corsa converted from Initial D arcade game. Featured with really high graphic level. Can not say for sure about elevations, but track is interesting.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Tsuchisaka toge track for Assetto Corsa

If link will be broken in future for some reason – tell in comments, will add new one 

Momiji assetto corsa

Momiji Line (もみじライン Momiji Rain) is the home course of Seven Star Leaf. It is located in Nikko, Tochigi. This is where Project D’s first battle in the Tochigi Prefecture is held, notably where Toru attempts to use Takumi’s lidless gutter shortcut technique only to fail in doing so.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Momiji Line track for Assetto Corsa

Tsukuba fruit line assetto corsa

Tsukuba (筑波) is the home course of Purple Shadow. It is located at the center of Tsukuba, Ibaraki. Purple Shadow’s race is held at Mount Tsukuba’s Fruits Line, which spans Oshito, Tsuchiura and Shibauchi, Ishioka.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Tsukuba Line touge track for Assetto Corsa

Nagao assetto corsa

Nagao (長尾) is the home course of Racing Team Katagiri Street Version. It spans through Hakone and Gotemba, in the Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures. It is also where Takumi had a rematch with Kai (after the latter lost to the former in Irohazaka) and Keisuke had his race against Minagawa.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Nagao track for Assetto Corsa

Nanamagari (七曲り) is the home course of Team Spiral. It is part of the Old Tokaido that spans Hakone and Odawara in the Kanagawa prefecture. It is perhaps well known for its 12 consecutive hairpins.

Project D’s penultimate battle with Team Spiral was held here during the rainy weather.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Nanamagari touge for Assetto Corsa

Sadamine assetto corsa download

Sadamine Pass 定峰峠 (Sadamine Touge) is first home course of the Northern Saitama Alliance, It is located east of Chichibu, Saitama, north of Shomaru and east of Tsuchisaka.

That’s where Takumi raced the Altezza and Keisuke raced Wataru uphill. The road itself is pretty long, but halfway through where a teahouse and rest area once stood, the road was deteriorating and the rest of the course was closed off.

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Sadamine touge (ver 1.1 latest) for Assetto Corsa

If link dows not work, write in comments – upload to our server.



Another great touges

And here is the list of other great touge and Wangan tracks. Among them is Glava Zete – hillclimb in Crna Gora, just because <3 it. And two versions of Wangan. C1 route and full route of Wangan highways…you better see it by yourself.

This track don’t need to be described. Those who know it – they will understand. Iconic track from iconic Best Motoring motor show. 3 configurations: fill lap + 2 short time trial from Motoring Show.

Gunsai touge 1.1 Best motoring by Project kaido – Download

Project Kaido official FB

More then 10 km of great touge race in Hong Kong peak. However the quality is 3/5, lot of free space that makes map a bit empty, the track is fictional – not match real road. But it’s fun, just turn on imagination

Hong Kong fictional touge downhill from Victoria Peak download 0.5

Shuto expressway assetto corsa The Bayshore Route of Shuto Expressway (首都高速道路湾岸線, Shuto Kōsokudōro Wangan-sen or simply Wangan-sen for short) is a 70 kilometres (43 mi) stretch of toll highway in Greater Tokyo, that runs from Yokohama city, Kanazawa ward, to Ichikawa city of Chiba Prefecture.

View all Shuto routes from Assetto Corsa on real Google maps

It is an important route that runs between artificial islands of Tokyo Bay by way of bridges and sub-sea tunnels, bypassing Tokyo entirely.

Download C1 route day+night wersion.

⇑ Quality 10/10

Download FULL map of all Wangan roads in AC ver. 0.9 (Jan. 2020)

Since the map is big, there are shaking in game, so it’s not as pleasent as C1, but have bigger space for ride advanture.

More info at official Shuto revival project Discord channel

One of the best hill climb in the world.

Glava Zete is a hillclimb based in Bogetici, Montenegro. The climb is 4.31 miles (6.95km) long, with fast turns, blind turns and slow hairpins. It is a real challenge to master as there are so many misleading turns. Once mastered, the climb is a joy to drive in every car as you are able to do everything you want. You can go flat out in a down a long straight halfway up the hill, you can drift around the hairpins and test out the handling through the medium speed turns inbetween. It is a true car tester.

Glava Zete (Montenegro) tarmac version download

Real life road (google) ⇔

Sakanotsuji Touge (坂ノ辻峠) – Although it is away from locations introduced by Inital D it’s remains a popular drift spot till today. This is the only road connecting between Shiso City and Kamikawa Town, which means not only normal cars, but truck will also passing through this road. However due to the difficulty of this road, it’s not easy for truck running.

The city council had been requesting a construction for Sakanotsuji Tunnel to replace the touge for a while, however the construction still nowhere close to start. That also decrease the usage of this touge, being more able to get overtaken by drifters and racers.

As for the special condition of this road, it had been a spot for racing and drifting since the autobike boom at the early 90’s. However it somehow have done nothing to prevent people racing it, so this place is still getting drifted sometimes.

AHTUNG: Shader patch is required!

Real life road (google)⇔

Download Sakanotsuji touge for Assetto Corsa (from RD)

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