Porsche Leipzig test tracks (+Assetto Corsa) updated 24.02.2022

leipzig porsche test track for assetto corsa download

“As you may be aware, Leipzig is known for taking the turns and straights from around the world and combining them into one glorious test track. Porsche has been kind enough to show us around.”

Porsche Test Track is a racing circuit located north west of the German city Leipzig, Sachsen (Saxony). The circuit serves as a test track for PORSCHE’s vehicles and features 11 sequences that have been inspired by other racing circuits around the world.

Porsche leipzig track for Assetto Corsa

Includes next layouts:
Free run – run wherewere you want on this track
Grober kurs – 3770m
Kleiner kurs – 2020m
Kurs C – 3050m
Parabolica – 2200m
Speed loop – 2100m

leipzig test track assetto corsa download

BUS STOP – Spa-Francorchamps/Belgium
Type: left-right-left chicane.
Character: the key to speed is courage – and perfection. Keep as straight as a die, then turn the car and accelerate out of the curbs under full load.

CURVE DI LESMO – Monza/Italy 
Type: right-hand corner (oval).
Character: the curve that never ends. This extremely long-sweeping turn can be taken quicker than you think due to the almost imperceptible incline on the inside.

Type: right-left-right combination.
Character: 12 % gradient. And you can’t see into the bend at all. Added to this, there’s the constant switch between understeer and oversteer, and the high g-forces on entry. In short: simply spectacular.

LOEWS – Monte Carlo/Monaco
Type: right-hand turn with slight incline.
Character: the notorious Loews curve includes the fastest and slowest sections of the circuit. On entry, you have to reduce your speed by almost 200 km/h (124 mph) and complete three precise gearshifts.

MOBIL 1 S – Nürburgring/Germany
Type: right-left chicane.
Character: the S curve that throws up a host of questions. Too fast or too slow? With curbs or without? 2nd or 3rd gear? Approach from the outside or keep tight at corner entry? If you can answer these, you’ve perfected your driving skills.

PARABOLICA – Monza/Italy
Type: right-hand corner.
Character: this 180-degree bend can be completed at a virtually constant steering angle. But be prepared for fast cornering speeds and high lateral acceleration.

Type: right-hand corner.
Character: a fast corner with high g-forces. Depending on the vehicle, shift up from 2nd to 4th gear under full load before heading into the longest straight on the circuit at around 170 km/h (105 mph).

SUNTORY CORNER – Shizuoka/Japan
Type: right-left combination.
Character: after braking hard and downshifting, manage the load changes sensitively to exit a curve with a very big radius and go straight into an extremely tight bend.

SUZUKA S – Suzuka/Japan
Type: left-right combination.
Character: at speeds of well over 200 km/h (124 mph), finding the ideal braking point is crucial. Due to the raised topography and a mid-corner gearshift, care should be taken not to oversteer.

VICTORIA TURN – Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
Type: left-hand corner with almost imperceptible incline.
 brake accurately and reduce speed drastically. Then, enter the turn with precision and, above all, avoid understeer. NB: don’t accelerate too soon – wait for the late apex.

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Version 1.1 – updated Porsche leipzig track

Added night lights, walls, some details. Still few issues with shaders. 23.02.2022 – added rainf ang grass FX. CSP required

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leipzig test track Assetto Corsa

The Porsche 961 on the screens is here . It’s 1.3 version with added wipers, rain amd height fix. Take it if you still don’t have it.

Video of guru Aniki

Video preview of the track (old video – before all updates)

porsche 804 F1
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