Автодром Санкт-Петербург, Шушары для Assetto Corsa (St. Petersburg, Russia)

автодром Санкт петерубрг для assetto corsa

Autodrom St. Petersburg (рус: “Шушары”) is a multi-purpose training and sports complex and the race track of the same name. The track has the fastest high-speed line in Russia (after Moscow raceway), has a certificate of compliance with international standards.

A high-tech asphalt paved ring road designed in accordance with FIA requirements for category 2 tracks and RAF requirements for category 1 highway-ring tracks.

The track has a configuration of fast and slow turns, which guarantees high complexity of the distance. Starting line allows you to accelerate to 240 km / h.

Track has two used configuration in real life:

  • one is small circuit – 1300 m – great for touring cars, street cars and go-cart.

конфигурация трека Шушары санкт петербург

  • another is long circuit – 3100 m – better for high speed and more powerfull races.

конфигурация трека Шушары санкт петербург

This route has much in common with the Paul Ricard highway (France), individual elements are borrowed from the routes: Nurburgring, Shanghai and Monza.

Track on Google maps

Download St. Petersburg track in Shushari for Assetto Corsa right here! Скачать автодром Санкт Петербург для Ассетто Корсы

We made this trach for Assetto Corsa from zero with RTB and 3Dmax. It’s not ideal looking, and we were not there in real yet, but track is 1:1 to real life size, all corners are identicals and is good for practicing virtual hot laps during Virus attack in the world.

  • We offer 4 configuration:  Two are same as in real life – long and short.  Two are: speed cirtuit – long weirsion without chicane on the straight. and Super short version.
  • Has track cameras
  • No AI
  • Grass models eats lot of FPS, but even this worls on 70+ FPS.
  • Start lights and semaphores were shutted down for this version, because they lead to loading error each second time

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Video of long configuration 3100m

Video of short configuration 1300m


Download Legacy BM for AC

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  1. This track is awesome! The replay cams are nice too! Thanks very much!

    1. Author

      Thank you mate! It’s great you enjoy it

    1. Author

      Thank you! Probably later it will be Igora Drive

    1. Author

      Thank you!

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