V8 Supercars Erebus Mercedes E63 AMG 2015 Assetto Corsa

Dear mates, glad to announce release of Erebus V8 Supercars AMG. Nice addition to V8SC mad (which is brilliant and one of my favourite) Fully balanced, animation, rain (csp required) DOWNLOAD HERE The car is based on the latest Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and is built by Erebus Motorsport in Australia with components sourced from AMG. The cars are the first AMG race cars to ever be built outside of Germany. Erebus is a customer team of AMG and will independently field three of its E63 AMG race cars in the 2013 season of V8 Supercars. The team already races the SLS AMG GT3 in otherRead More →

Morning, gentlemens. So time has come. Important thing for me to race with Ai (even if AC AI is weird on some tracks) alongside to be closer to reality car permance and lap times. So it was decided to replace all WTCC/STCC car physics. Changes: Suspensions, car wight fix, tyres size unify, balance, real name and another data fixes were done. For now All the grid goes very close to each other (taking in account Assetto Corsa Ai system faults). Also it’s more pleasure and more realistic to ride it now. Probably no more any major changes to WTCC pack will be done. Car listRead More →