WTCC STCC 2005-2009 mod for Assetto Corsa ver 1.0 – 15 cars – pack #1

WTCC STCC pack assetto corsa download

Hello, guys.

From very beginning i was in WTCC game by Simbin. Racing with Ai (yes, even with them) was like super joy. Time has past, but tastes almost still the same.

So i bring good big pack of touring cars from 2005-2009 years to Assetto Corsa.


What is in the pack #1?

15 car. 7 of them were never seen in Aseetto Corsa before.

Workable Ai. So you just set the race and enjoy the passion of racing.

Power, engine specs, tyre size, aero, weght – according real data. Each has has own individuality, own + and -.

Basic skins. All WTCC skins for main heroes, few STCC skins for others.

Car list:

WTCC STCC pack #1 UPDATE to ver 1.0

It’s version 1.0 – update for first WTCC STCC pack.
This update is only about 5 STCC and 2 WTCC cars.
How to install? remove previous folders of this 7 cars, upload new ones from this folder
What is it about?ย 

  • New shaders. Now cars looks much better.
  • All cars now have proper MOTEC dash.
  • Updated flames
  • Updated collider
  • Shifting animation
  • Some other small fixes.

How to install?ย 

LINK on Patreon for Version 0.9 (base pack with 15 cars)

LINK on Patreon for version 1.0 (need install one after another. Ver 1.0 only contains new STCC and 2 WTCC cars for relacement in ver 0.9)


What will be in pack #2 and #3?

Other WTCC, STCC, ATCC, and other countries TCC skins from this Era.

New cars: VW Scirocco, BMW 320i E45, BMW 320i E90 2008, Ford Focus RS, Fors Focus ST, Opel Astra, Peugeot 308, Vauxhall Vectra….

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  1. Hello. I’ve just installed the WTCC 1.0 Car Mod. I’ve a problem: when I’m at the box and I try to observe other driver with other car models than mine, I don’t hear the engine sound. The only sounds that I can hear are the tyres, the wind, etc..
    How can I fix this problem?
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hello, Giuseppe. Do you use Content Manager? Can check the car and replace sound of engine from any car you like

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