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  1. About assetto corsa mod.
    This car is nicely done and a real pleasure to drive. Perhaps that a little less grip from front wheel could be done but it’s the only thing to do. Everything else is perfect.

    1. Thank you for review, mate.
      Some little work will be done with physics and driving felling a bit later. Also ~10% of power must be reduced, lose to chassis. 🙂

  2. Would be nice to have this car in AC! What a beaty!

  3. Any chance of releasing a road car version as in the pic at the top of the page?

  4. Hi , Gtsupreme , Is there any way I can get this mod ? , I pay for it , thanks

    1. Hello. As it was made by special order, we respect our promises and can not publish it untill owner of this mode approve it.
      I’ve sent you email. Can make any other car for you

  5. Hi Barracuda,
    when can we expect the 959?
    And would you may perovide me stowe circuit?
    BTW, I`ve allready supported

      1. Hello, but what happened to people who donate for 959? Best Regards Jürgen

          1. If you don’t mind me asking, how many people have shown interest in the car so far?

    1. Hello, mate.
      first of all – English only.
      Answer to your question: it was made priavately for one user, so it will never be released on public. However we can make private mod for you as well

  6. Maybe you should show this Mod to a wider public.
    It should have potential…

  7. i have done some change to the track .. icorrect the angle of the diamond building.. if you can put the newest carussel corner to the track ..

  8. can i work on it .. you allways get the credits as author..

    1. sure can use it. it’s free mod. if you want can send me few dollars for site hosting support, if not, no problem

  9. Would anyone be willing to make this beautiful car a mod for Assetto Corsa? I must have this in my life!

  10. The top speed CANNOT be 310 km/h with just 280 horsepower. ONLY downhill. And it would have to be a maaaaaaaaaaaaassive hill (long and steep)… 🙂 The real car can do ABOUT 266 km/h (and maybe that only applies to the export 320 hp version).

  11. Thank you for this great mod.
    Is there any chance for the skin-template?
    I’d like to create one or two

    1. Welcome mate. Can just use file with livery to edit. I dont have good template as well, since it was a convertion from gtr2

  12. Hello, thank you for the mod!
    I really enjoy it so much..
    BTW, on this post, it says that you also have a collection of other GT300 cars. (The good ones) Do you still have it? If so, when will you publish it?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, thank you.
      Dont know wjen will buplish it. Not anought time for this hobby now, but models need to be finished

  13. This track is awesome! The replay cams are nice too! Thanks very much!

  14. I believe you posted the wrong track in the link

  15. Hello can I do the same mod I have long wanted such a car in the game Asseto Corsa

  16. Hey Tony, nice of you to mention my small input, but you did not add it to the track download. The UI says p2p / ExeQt0r and the map shows a touge track… 😉

  17. A pity there is only 1 Lotus Europa Mod (by Jaba) in Assetto Corsa.
    Any chance this this model wil be modded to AC?

    Grtz Paul.

  18. the car need more steering angle. and some texture get lost on the front lights .. cheersgreat work so far

  19. Very good mod still it needs a little bit of tweaking on the physics side but other than that this car is a handful to drive, good fun.

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