Hello, friends. Glad to announce we have 99% finished Touring car pack from 2005-2009. This update brings 2 new cars to Assetto Corsa – Opel Vectra from STCC, WTCC, BTCC champ and VW Scirocco STSS (on biogas fuel in original life). + engine power update for: Ford Focus ST WTCC Toyota Corolla WTCC Lada 110s WTCC Lada Priora WTCC now power is closer to real one.  – How to install? – Copy and replace files Take mod here on Patreon Now in total with previous mods we have 21 cars! Is not is super fun to race? Best ever touring modern era that becoming classicRead More →

wtcc stcc mod assetto corsa pack 2

Hello mates! Step by step we will update our WTCC STCC pack. Here we go with 4 new cars: ♣ Peugeot 308 STCC and one that participated in one of legendary Macau GP! HERE ♣ Opel Astra from STCC cup. HERE  ♣ BMW 320i (E43) – legendary touring car from beginning of WTCC Golden era 2005-2008. Conatins 4 skins. HERE + extra skin packs  ♣ Ford Focus ST170 WTCC 2005 – driven by Sascha Plöderl for indipentent team “RS-Line IPZ Racing” in WTCC 2005 Michelin Independents Trophy. HERE   What are next? VW Scirocco STCC, Vauxhall Vectra WTCC Keep in touch on out PatreonRead More →

Good evening everyone. Finished small present before new year. Just for fun. This is release version of Akina Lake conversion to Assetto Corsa from Initial D the game. It’s 100% playable in single mode or with frinds. But not with AI (yet). It’s winter mode track. Road surface is a bit slippery, like real winter time cold asphalt.  ^_^ * Track has 1 replay camera. * Some night lights..unfinished. Take the track on my PatreonRead More →

Subaru test track (Bifuka proving ground, Hokkaido, Japan) for Assetto Corsa

This is a Subaru test course スバル美深試験場 (Subaru Research and Experiment Center Bifuka Proving Ground) in Niupu, Bifuka-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido. The Bifuka Proving Ground was opened in 1995. Until the test site was opened in 1995, we had repeated driving tests on ordinary roads in this area. Established in 1995 as a research and development base for winter snow tests, we have been conducting research and development mainly to build cars that can be driven safely even in cold regions. In addition to various test roads and handling roads in the total site area of ​​361 hectares, a high-speed circuit was added in 2003, and variousRead More →

JTCC mod assetto corsa

Hello, mates! Thank you for being my subscribers on PATREON This is JTCC mod for assetto corsa very initial version 0.8 – demo is only for “Racing academics” Cars included: (!!!!) Toyota Chaser (1998 JTCC champion) ((!)) Toyota Ceres Marino . Nissan Primera Cars will be in next update, IF 0.8 PACK WILL NOT BE LEAKED: (!!!) Subaru Impreza Wagon SYMS (!!) Mazda 323F BMW 318i Toyota Carina egti Alfa 155 Ford Mondeo 1 (!) Opel Vectra HKS All the cars physics need some updates. Some cars details like shadows, Motec also need updating. It’s 0.8 version – just to have first impression whats goingRead More →

WTCC STCC pack assetto corsa download

Hello, guys. From very beginning i was in WTCC game by Simbin. Racing with Ai (yes, even with them) was like super joy. Time has past, but tastes almost still the same. So i bring good big pack of touring cars from 2005-2009 years to Assetto Corsa.   What is in the pack #1? 15 car. 7 of them were never seen in Aseetto Corsa before. Workable Ai. So you just set the race and enjoy the passion of racing. Power, engine specs, tyre size, aero, weght – according real data. Each has has own individuality, own + and -. Basic skins. All WTCC skinsRead More →